Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Snack at Sushi Tei

Sweetheart said that salad in Sushi Tei is good and fresh when she eat it at the Plaza Indonesia joint. So i think i need to try the in Bandung.

Wakame Salad
This is the salad, or Wakame Salad to be more precise. This is indeed a very fresh salad that consist of wakame(edible seaweed), lettuce, carrot, cucumber, red cabbage, onion, tomato, and lemon for dressing. The dressing sauce is more like a lemon based sauce. The lettuce is crunchy and a little bit watery, which means that the lettuce is fresh. But the main point is the wakame, fresh crunchy and sweet wakame. ohh..lovely. :D This bowl is for Rp 28.000,no tax and service charge included.

Hot Ocha
You won't find this drink in the menu list because this is a free drink served when you order it.

Choco Chiffon
The lady who take the order ask us if we want a dessert to close our meal. We were offered 3 kind of dessert that's not in the menu book. This is one of them, Choco Chiffon, a chocolate ice cream sandwiched by chocolate flavored chiffon cakes. This is a good dish for dessert. It has a light taste, more to the chocolate side than sweeet, that neutralize your taste bud after eating the previous dish. Has a little chocolate chunk inside. Most of the dessert is prized Rp 20.000, including this one.

The food is good and the atmosphere is cozy. This is a good place for you to just sit and relax while you enjoy the food slowly. :D Hey, i didn't know that this is actually a Singapore franchise restaurant,hoho.

Jl. Sumatra No. 9
Bandung, Indonesia

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