Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wedding Party

This is a wedding party held in Bandung at a Military School(forgot the name) for who want to become a General.

The Bride and Groom
that's the bride and the groom who will hopefully live happily ever after,hehe. The ceremony held in a Javanese traditional wedding ceremony, with those "arakan", "salaman"(shaking hand to the bride and groom), and praying. This is just before the "salaman" start.

The foods are served in two different rooms, the first room consist of appetizer, buffet, dim sum, kebab, sukiyaki, and tea & coffee bar section.

The Appetizers
Those are few of the appetizers. Not to good, the calamaris are cold, soggy, and chewy, the sandwich is dry,but the salad is OK.

The Buffet
The Buffet section. Good foods here, there are rendang, sweet sour fish, salad, and few other meat dishes. There are two section of this, one in the other room.

Tea & Coffee Bar
This is the tea & coffe bar. It's really like a small cafe, with round wood tables and chairs in front of this. They serve tea & coffee(obviously),popsicles, and many side dishes to accompany the drink.
I don't take pictures of the dim sum, kebab, and sukiyaki. The sukiyaki is rather to salty. The dim sum are good, even the siao mai and beef XLB are dry outside,but juicy inside.

Now let's go to the next room, where most of the foods are served. :D

Mix Grill
This is the mixed grill. I like this, they don't taste overly salty as most catering would do. The lambs are tender yet easy to cut.

Chicken Cordon Bleu
The chicken cordon bleu is good, the meat is moist and the veggies are cooked right.

Smoked Beef Quesadillas
The smoked beef quesadillas, taste OK. :D

Zupa Soup
This is good, a lot inside,hoho..

Rujak and Asinan Section
this is one of the traditional foods, "rujak" and "asinan". Love the peanut sauce,hehe.

Traditional Dessert Section
Many kinds of traditional "bubur" for dessert.

This is the puddings,many kinds of it. There's also klappertart.

Fried Ice Cream
The fried ice cream. Well, it's basically a fried bread with ice cream filling, not the Italian fried ice cream and the Japanese ice cream either.

Pancakes, Strudel, and Ice Cream
Strudels, pancakes, and ice cream. The ice cream taste is somehow rather watery,not milky.

Destiny Catering & Decoration
Overall,the foods are good and decent. I think this is the best wedding catering so far i've taste.

Thanks to Dewi and Erlan for the invitation. Hope the two of you will became a great partners for each other and ever after. :D

Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Trail : Steak

Wow..It's time for meat..so what will we cook today?let's make a very simple dish(again) yet good to eat, a simple beef steak.

oh nice :D

What do we need here is :
- lean meat(a little fat is better)
- vegetable oil(any kind but olive)
- salt&pepper
- butter(optional, i don't use it but it's better to use it)
+ frying pan
+ fork
+ tongs
+ cutting board (for serving)
+ knife (for serving)

How to make?
1. prepare your meat, use fork to soften the meat by sticking on it. make sure the meat is at the room temperature
2. prepare the frying pan, put oil there and make sure you use a very high heat
3. season your meat with salt and pepper, don't hesitate on seasoning, the seasoning mostly will just dropped to the pan
4. if the frying is already in a very high heat(when you can see a little smoke come out of the oil), put the meat at it
5. just let the meat cooked for 4-5 minutes on one side, then turn it and let it for another 4-5 minutes
6. *if you use butter, then put the butter in and splash the meat with the melted butter
7. cook the side of the meat for a minute
8. take the meat from the pan and rest it for about 10 minutes
9. put it on the cutting board, cut it but don't do it thinly
10. ready to be eaten, enjoy.. :D

bloody ****
This is a medium-rare steak from above recipe. :D It's good. The meat is juicy and no blood taste at all even it's bloody pink. Eat it as it is or use any dipping or sauce you like.

Argo Parahyangan

This is actually a long story to tell, but let's just make it short for the good of ourself(i'm to lazy to write too long and you'll be lazy to read) LOL.
This is the day i go to have an interview at Jakarta. So i decide to go with a train for a more comfortable trip.

Argo Parahyangan Executive Class
This is the executive class of Argo Parahyangan. You can watch some program on the 2 plasma TV placed at both end of the section, and you also get a free reading of today newspaper. What a nice ride with just Rp 50.000, is'nt it? :D

Now, after i had the interview, i just go straight to the station to get a train back to Bandung, it's around 03.00 PM when i arrive to the station. The train i want to go is at 04.15 PM, but unfortunately all the seats are already bought and the next train to catch is at 06.00 PM, to long to wait. So i decided to just buy the ticket for the 04.15 PM train as a "no sitting ticket". But fortunately, very, i got a seat in the kitchen section so i don't have to stand for about 4 hours,oho..

Train Kitchen
This picture is taken just exactly where i sit. Lucky to have this sitting in a crowded train(not seen but it is).

Nasi Goreng at Train
It's already 05.15 PM and i haven't had lunch yet. So i order one of the available menus, Nasi Goreng with sunny side up, the other menu is instant noodle. This is basicly a bland taste nasi goreng even with a little trace of chicken taste. But i don't expect any better nasi goreng on the train, though, it's very hard to prepare foods on a moving train, it's kinda like a 5 SR earthquake happening right at your place,haha..Well, i'm hungry, so all food is just great. :D The food alone is for Rp. 15.000, plus Rp. 3.000 if you want a hot sweet tea.

Argo Parahyangan Train
serve Bandung-Jakarta and Jakarta-Bandung rute
available in Bisnis class(Rp 30.000) and Executive class(Rp. 50.000).
departed 7 times a day

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Martabak Telor Sarinah

Sarinah? No, this is not Jakarta, We are still in Bandung,ho..This Sarinah was a Mini Market located inside Margahayu Raya. Anyone who lives in the neighborhood might know this.

Martabak Telor
This is the martabak telor special, with both chicken eggs and duck egg. This one is taste rather OK. Just the usual taste of good martabak telor, nothing special actually, but still, it's nice. :D The skin is a bit crunchy and the minced beef meat is well braised, even it's mostly salty in taste.

Martabak side dishes
This is the usual side dishes, some "acar" and the special sauce(mix of sweet soy sauce, vinegar, and another ingredient).

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Javan Waroeng Steak & Pasta, The Main Store

Again..We decide to go to Javan Steak that's at Jl. Sulanjana to make sure that they don't just move to GerLong, and there it is..They still operating, in a rather small section of the place, sharing with 9 Square Bar&Resto.

Chicken Gumbo with Spaghetti
Because both of us are on diet, so we choose to order chicken steak with spaghetti instead of the beef one with chips,oho..This is one of our order(as always, we do the Ritual thing :p ), Chicken Gumbo. Well, it's originally a stew kind of dish, but they turn it into a steak with gumbo sauce. The same with other menus, they tried many kind of recipes that's originally not a steak dish and made into one. This is a spicy(you can guess from the pic) and tasteful dish. The chicken is good as usual, well cooked but still moist inside yet not soggy from the sauce. The spaghetti is rather sweeter than the gumbo, so it helps balanced the spiciness. As usual, you won't get any al dente pastas if you don't order it so. I think this is for Rp 13.500.

Chicken Cordor Bleu with Spaghetti
This is the other order. Don't imagine anything, this is absolutely a chicken cordon bleu dish, Javan Steak style, ahaha. They don't use any crispy outer layer, and just use egg instead, but it's still good, though. The inside is a normal cordon blue filling, smoked beef and cheese(a lil bit melted). The sauce is a sweet version, which is a good combo of order, a spicy one and a sweet one, both balanced each other yet add a nice combination of taste if mixed,ahaha..This Cordon Bleu is for Rp 15.000.

This is absolutely a recommended place to go for a good value for money dish. Wanna eat something nice but don't have much money on you, make sure you visit this place. :D
*Worth a comeback*

Javan Waroeng Steak & Pasta
Jl. Sulanjana No. 9
*share place with 9 Square Bar&Resto
Bandung, Indonesia
Open daily from 10.00 AM until 22.00 PM

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Take Home from Hospital

My aunt is in the hospital and i can't go visit her, so it's my dad who is going to Jakarta. When my dad come back home after visit my aunt, he brought back foods. He said that this is from my aunt in the hospital, he said that my other family had already visit her and gave so many food that it's to much for her, so she gave a few to my dad. Thanks aunty, sorry i can't visit you, glad you're okay now and hope you don't need to see any doctor any more, just healthy ever after. :)

a pastry that i don't know the name :p
This is a lots of layers pastry with a mix fruit vla custard filling, topped with whipped cream, raisins, and a red cherry. I don't know the name, this is actually good if only it's a fresh baked one, but it's still good even it's not fresh. :D arrgh, i forget the name of the place sold this, the package is already thrown away. :( The only things that i remember are the name is *something like a person's name* Cafe Pastry&Cake, the place is in South Jakarta. What a wide range of possibility LOL.

a dozen of Dunkin' Donuts
The other food is this dozen of Dunkin' Donuts. As always, Dunkin' Donuts will still edible even days after made. :D I love the chocolate filling one.
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