Monday, June 7, 2010

Bakso Malang at Bakso Enggal

After accompanying sweetheart's sis to buy some her school project, me, sweetheart and fams finally decided to go to Bakso Enggal, one of the most well known Bakso Malang in Bandung. Originally we want to go to MieMoMie but the traffic is just to jammed at lunch hour. Bakso Enggal gain its popularity by their buffet style bakso malang.

many kind of fried stuff in "Bakso Malang"
Bakso Malang consist of fried and wet stuff to choose. The fried one are bakso goreng(fried meatball), pangsit goreng(fried dumpling), and pangsit gulung(fried rolled dumpling). Oh, i like the fried meatballs the most. It taste crunchy outside yet soft inside. The others are OK, i love to eat them with sweet soy sauce, lovely. :D

wet stuff in "Bakso Malang"
In the end of your queuing to pick your own items, you'll get a nice hot beef broth(that you can ask for a second, third, and so on) in a bowl you pick before. The wet stuff consist of dumpling, meatballs, and "baso tahu"(meatball dough stuffed in a half yellow tofu). There are actually 3 kinds of meatballs available, soft, medium, and "urat"(tendon meatball). Oh ya, i forget to tell you that you can have as much fried shallot and celery as you want. :D

Strawberry Juice
After eating those hot dish, it's very refreshing to have this Strawberry Juice. This is one of the best strawberry juice i ever had. I think they use strawberry syrup as the sweetener, which is nice. :D

This place is actually the Pasteur joint. The main is in Jl. Burangrang No. 12, near BPI high school.

Jl. Pasteur No. 61
Bandung, Indonesia


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