Sunday, May 30, 2010

Lomie and Es Campur at Imam Bonjol Food Court

It's quite a hot day and es campur would be great at a time like this. After searching for a good place to eat cold dish, we decided to go to a food court located at Jl. Imam Bonjol.

Es Teler (Drunken ice?? LOL)
This is the Es Teler from "Kedai Es Pak Oyen" stall. This is a shredded ice topped with coconut milk, young coconut, "kolang kaling", avocado, and jack fruit, sweeten by sugar syrup and sweet condensed milk. I think this is to sweet for my liking, but this is quite refreshing.

Es Campur
Another bowl is Es Campur. It's basically the same as es teler, but with "sagu mutiara" added.

Lomie Bakso
After eating those ices, we think that a more filling dish is needed,hoho. So i order a Lomie Bakso from "Lomie & Bakmie Imam Bonjol" stall. It's a yellow noodle in a gouey broth. This is my second time eating Lomie and's so..shrimp..haha..What i mean is that it has a strong shrimp taste even you won't find any big shrimp, but you'll find lots of shredded chicken, meatballs, fried shallot, and "kangkung". I like the taste, but sweetheart seems didn't enjoy this much because she is allergic to seafood. I forgot about the price, but i think it's about Rp 12.000, CMIIW.

the noodle with gouey broth
See the noodle? It's covered with gouey broth. I like the broth, and a bowl of this will fill surely you up. :D

Do You Know?
"Es Teler" is originated in Jakarta sold by an Es Campur seller, Tukiman Darmowijono, around 1980. The name is came from the effect as if after eating the dish, the eater will feel fly high(teler). Well, it's just a hyperbolic anyway, haha.

Jl. Imam Bonjol No. 9
Bandung, Indonesia

Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Taste at Paris Van Java

Sweetheart had a show in PVJ that day. After the show is over, we think we need to discuss something about the show for a future reference. We decided to go to The Taste in the basement while we relax ourself.

Es Sarang Burung (just the name)
This is the first arrive to ease our thirst and fatigue. When i see the name of the menu, i thought that this is a real edible swallow's nest soup, which is weird because it's way to cheap for it, but later i found out that this is just a shredded "agar-agar" soup with brown sugar and sweetened lengkeng(longan). Even that, this is still a refreshing dish for you to have after a whole day fatigue,hoho. The taste is rather light, not too sweet, which made it easy and enjoyable to eat.

Tahu Telur (Tofu Egg)
The next dish is "Tahu Telur". This is basically a deep fried mixture of small cut tofu with egg, topped with fresh bean sprout and chopped spring onion. They use "pecel"(peanut based sauce) for the sauce. It has an authentic taste of "tahu telur"(it's so simple anyway) with the pecel sauce. But i think it to much oily, collected inside that tube shape. This surely will fill you up for an appetizer, because we kinda full by just eating this, even it's for the two of us.
The total for both dish is Rp 34.499 after 10% tax, no service charged.

This is quite a good place for a mall located Indonesian cuisine restaurant. But i think it still can't defeat the original taste of a traditional cuisine sold in a traditional place.

Do You Know?
Bird's Nest soup is a Chinese cuisine that use one of the most expensive ingredient exist. The ingredient is a bird's nest made by male swallow birds in the breeding season. The one in Central Java is harvested in April, the latter part of August (the largest), and December. When the harvest is over, specially prepared offers are made in a shed in what is known as the "State Bed of Nyai Loro Kidul", because Nyai Loro Kidul is considered as a patron goddess of the bird's nest gatherers in South Java. (credit for Wikipedia)

Jl. Sukajadi No.137-139
*in the lower floor of PVJ
Bandung, Indonesia

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mie Ayam near Campus

It's hot that day and i'm starving. Actually, me, sweetheart(My GirlFriend), and her friend are planning to eat Lotek, but we didn't find any warung open that serve lotek. So we decided to go to Bakso stall near campus (we go to the same college, Institut Teknologi Telkom), but again, it's closed. I don't know why there are so many warung closed, it's not even holiday yet. Starvingly, we go to a place that sell Mie Ayam near campus.

Mie Ayam (Chicken Noodle)
This is the Mie Ayam. I like the braised shredded chicken, it's sweet and this is where the mie ayam taste mostly from. The broth is just any regular mie ayam broth, almost perfectly bland in taste if don't served with the oil, added salt and MSG. The mie (noodle) is OK even with a little bit floury taste. Overall, this is a good regular mie ayam. I find myself enjoy eating this till the last speck on the bowl. Hey, i'm hungry you know. LOL

Jl. Sukabirus
* in front of the "warung" besides Nugraha Aji Photocopy
Bandung, Indonesia

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bakmi Jogja at Metro Trade Center

It's dinner time, it's raining, and my folks wanna go for a warm dinner not too far from my house. So we decided to go to Bakmi Jogja at MTC. It's one of the many "Ruko" there.

Bakmi Ghodog
First arrive is their order(both order the same), bakmi ghodog. Hey, it's good. I like the broth, it's made from chicken(i think it's bone part, seeing from the color). The taste is light, it's the taste that gives you the feeling to eat more,hoho. But unfortunately, the noodle is to soft for my liking. This plate also contain shredded chicken, skin, liver, gizzard, cabbage, tomato, and egg. Oh, there's also some pickles, which is to sweet.

Bakmi Goreng
Now, this is my plate, Bakmi Goreng. It's the same with the "ghodog" version, it has a light taste that also tempt me to eat more. :p The taste is sweet, different than the other version, because it use "kecap manis"(sweet soy sauce) which is the trademark of bakmi from Central Java. This plate also contain the same buddies as the other version.

This place usually crowded when dinner time, sometimes you have to wait to have a seating. Oh, i forget to tell you that they cook their food in a charcoal stove and it's sure will enrich the food. :D

Jl. Soekarno Hatta (Metro Trade Center)
Bandung, Indonesia

Friday, May 14, 2010

My first trial in this blog - making a pancake

Wow..finally it's time for me to cook by myself and put it in the blog,hoho..hmmm..What will i made?it's pancake, one of the simplest dish to made, even a kid can made this,hehe..

My trial of making pancake
The ingredient that i use is :
- all purpose flour
- an egg
- sugar
- a pinch of salt
- baking powder
- milk
- a little vegetable oil for the dough and for the pan
+ flat frying pan
+ 2 spatula, for mixing and for cooking
+ 3 bowl, for the dough, the yolk, and the egg white
+ large spoon

How to make :
1. put the flour, sugar, salt, and baking powder in a bowl
2. break the egg and separate the egg yolk from the white
3. beat the yolk while adding the milk slowly
4. add the beaten milk yolk to the flour mixture till it became a dough
5. beat the egg white in a separate bowl till it's raise, like a meringue
6. add the meringue to the dough slowly while stirring with a spatula, use folding tecnique
7. rest the dough for 5-10 minutes
8. prepare the pan, put a little vegetable oil on it and make sure you use a small heat
9. use a large spoon to pour the dough to the pan so it made a round shape
10. wait until the dough made a little bubbles, then flip the pancake gently. use the same amount of time to cook the second side of the pancake
11. put the pancake in a plate..and..DONE..ready to be eaten with any topping you like :D i use butter and honey in the pic.. :D

Hey..where are all the numbers in the ingredient go?well, sorry but i don't measure the ingredient. just use your filling on it, you'll be just fine..haha..(it's important to not scared of making any mistake in cooking, you'll get use to it in the end) :D

Why don't you try your own pancake now?it's easy, and you can do it your own style, the way you like the most. Enjoy.. :)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Nanny's Pavillon : Great Waffle

I was wondering where is a good place to eat a great waffle. Many of my friends said that waffle in Nanny's Pavillon is the best, at least in Bandung. So we (me and my girlfriend,as always actually :D ) decided to go there.

Mango Mint Iced Tea
It's lunch time when we arrive. And as always, so many poeple have lunch there while resting themself after exploring those many Factory Outlet along the street. We had to wait about 15 minutes or more to get an available seat at that hour. After we het seats, we have our order. The first arrive is Mango Mint Iced Tea for Rp. 15.000. It's good, has a taste and smell of a mango, but the tea is still the strong point. I can enjoy this drink, while in fact that i don't like tea,hoho..

Strawberry Waffle
Next is Strawberry Waffle. Wow..It's the best among our orders, no doubt. The outside is crispy while the inside is soft, just like the way Belgian Waffle should do. The taste of the waffle is a bit sweet, it's to balanced itself with the topping - vanilla ice cream, fresh strawberries, and strawberry sauce which are sweet things. The price for this one is Rp. 28.000.

Sausage Cheesy Waffle
Second food arrive is Sausage Cheesy Waffle. Like the first waffle, this one too is balanced the taste with the topping which is a salty one. The sausage is good, it's chewy yet juice on the inside, and with the whole waffle, it will certainly fills you up. This one is good, but not as the previous. The price is cheaper that the strawberry, it's for Rp. 22.000. Is a scope of vanilla ice cream more expensive than a sausage?
This place serves European menus. Waffle, Pancake, Italian dish, and many more. This place is well known for their pancakes, but i think the waffle is better. :D

Do You Know?
Waffle has many shapes and styles. In Indonesia, they usually eaten as a dessert, rarely for breakfast. Indonesia has their own kind of waffle anyway. The name is "Bapel". It's in a heart shape and small in size. It's usually sold in a traditional market or any place that sold "kue basah".

Jl. RE Mertadinata No. 112
*in the same place as Black Market factory outlet
Bandung, Indonesia
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