Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Trail : Onion Rings

Now, i'm gonna try to make onion rings. This is actually a simple dish to make and a good snack to accompany you while watching DVDs(well, that's what i do). :p

Homemade Onion Ring
The ingredients are :
- all purpose flour
- vegetable oil
- an egg
- a pinch of baking powder
- salt and pepper
- a pinch of sugar
- cold milk (mix with cold plain soda would be better)
- breadcrumbs
+ cutting board
+ 2 bowls
+ spoon
+ spatula
+ deep frying pan

How to make :
1. mix all purpose flour with salt, pepper, baking powder, and a pinch of sugar
2. cut the onion into rings and dip it in the flour mixture till covered with it, knock off excess and put a side
3. break the egg, put it in a bowl and mix it with milk
4. mix the egg mixture with the flour mixture, make a batter
5. put breadcrumbs in a seperate bowl
6. prepare the frying pan with vegetable oil in it, use medium heat
7. now, dip the ring into the dough then dip it again into the breadcrumbs and put it in the oil. do it to the rest of the ring
8. cook it until golden brown. don't forget to turn the ring in the oil while cooking so the color will spread evenly.
9. take the ring off the pan and dry the excess oil
10. ready to be served with your favorite dipping :D

oh i love onion ring. The onion inside is still crunchy and sweet, the batter is also crispy, the breadcrumbs made it so. As my other trial, this one to doesn't has any measurement on the ingredient, just use your feeling. ;p
It's easy isn't it? so why don't you try it on your own. Happy cooking.. :D

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