Sunday, May 30, 2010

Lomie and Es Campur at Imam Bonjol Food Court

It's quite a hot day and es campur would be great at a time like this. After searching for a good place to eat cold dish, we decided to go to a food court located at Jl. Imam Bonjol.

Es Teler (Drunken ice?? LOL)
This is the Es Teler from "Kedai Es Pak Oyen" stall. This is a shredded ice topped with coconut milk, young coconut, "kolang kaling", avocado, and jack fruit, sweeten by sugar syrup and sweet condensed milk. I think this is to sweet for my liking, but this is quite refreshing.

Es Campur
Another bowl is Es Campur. It's basically the same as es teler, but with "sagu mutiara" added.

Lomie Bakso
After eating those ices, we think that a more filling dish is needed,hoho. So i order a Lomie Bakso from "Lomie & Bakmie Imam Bonjol" stall. It's a yellow noodle in a gouey broth. This is my second time eating Lomie and's so..shrimp..haha..What i mean is that it has a strong shrimp taste even you won't find any big shrimp, but you'll find lots of shredded chicken, meatballs, fried shallot, and "kangkung". I like the taste, but sweetheart seems didn't enjoy this much because she is allergic to seafood. I forgot about the price, but i think it's about Rp 12.000, CMIIW.

the noodle with gouey broth
See the noodle? It's covered with gouey broth. I like the broth, and a bowl of this will fill surely you up. :D

Do You Know?
"Es Teler" is originated in Jakarta sold by an Es Campur seller, Tukiman Darmowijono, around 1980. The name is came from the effect as if after eating the dish, the eater will feel fly high(teler). Well, it's just a hyperbolic anyway, haha.

Jl. Imam Bonjol No. 9
Bandung, Indonesia

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