Thursday, June 24, 2010

Javan Waroeng Steak & Pasta at Geger Kalong

We thought that Javan Steak had move to this place, but this place we visit now is actually a branch from Javan Steak at Jl. Sulanjana. The place is smaller, it took place in the front part of a photo studio. (why they always choose a shared place with other business?the main used to share with a Factory Outlet, now with a cafe&bar,oho..)

Chicken a la Stanley with Spaghetti
This is what we order, Chicken "Stanley". Because we are in a diet, so we just share this. :p They made chicken a la stanley into steak version(later i realize that their menu mostly is a non-steak menu made into one,ho..). The taste is still good as the main does, the chicken is quite moist but not soggy from the sauce, but somehow it reminds us with fried chickens from KFC,oho. The stanley sauce itself is indeed good and very generous for it. They use onion and mushrooms in it, just like a traditional "a la stanley" does. I can taste a bit of spices in the sauce, don't know what. We choose spaghetti as the side dish rather that french fries. Unfortunately, the spaghetti is not al dente, but i think you can order it al dente if you like, and aslo very generous with the sauce. The sauce is good, topped with cheddar cheese, and Oh, i found a chunk of sweet potato inside,haha. They always generous with the sauce in every menu, which i like. :D Oh ya, if you want both spaghetti and french fries as the side dish, you just have to pay +Rp 2.000 for it.

This place is well known for their "good value for money" steak. The menu is ranged from Rp 13.000 to Rp 15.000, and that's certainly cheap for a good and satisfying dish you'll get.

*Worth a comeback*

Javan Waroeng Steak & Pasta
Jl. Gegerkalong
*share place with a photo studio
Bandung, Indonesia
Open daily from 10.00 AM until 22.00 PM

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