Saturday, June 19, 2010

Tragedy at MieMoMie

What tragedy?is the food so bad that it become a tragedy..absolutely not..the food definitely and sweetheart are eating without regrets at all. LOL
So what is the tragedy? It's after the dinner. when we wanna go home, my motor bike's key hole is jammed, i don't know why. It's rained where i park my bike, and the place is just gonna close at that hour. Took about 20 minutes(after praying) before the key hole is fine,hoho..
okay..who cares if it's raining and my motor bike's key is jammed..let's go to the food..

This place is called MieMoMie. The place kinda hard to notice, it's below the Pasupati flyover, there's no eye catching sign board, and they only open on Saturday and Sunday from 10.00 AM to 06.00 PM, perfect. They said that they had other things to do on weekday, so they only open on weekend.

Mie Rica at MieMoMie
How about the food?Now, this is one of them, the Mie Rica. Wow..the rica is good. Not like any other place who sell rica that doesn't have any spicy taste, this one is spicy enough(even it's not the real spiciness of Manado rica). The meat is grounded pretty well so if you stir the noodle, it almost like coating the noodle perfectly. The noodle used is a yellow egg round noodle. The texture is good, i can say it's al dente, and the sweetness is just right, not to sweet but not less either. The fresh chopped spring onion is not just a decorative one, it definitely add some flavor to the whole dish, make it taste more fresh. I think this is better than Mie Bejo. I order the set that consist of Mie Rica and a bowl of dumplings in broth, it's for Rp 18.000.

Pangsit Kuah (dumplings)
This is the dumpling in broth, part of the my ordered set. This is quite nice, and i prefer this dumpling here than the one in Mie bejo, it's because the skin is nicer here, paper thin and soft. The meeat inside i a bit funny. When you cut the skin, the meat will just rolled out of the skin as the meat is in a chicken meatball shape, it's really round in shape just like a meatball which is unusual, but the taste is nice, though. The broth is just a regular bakso broth, with the MSG is less detected, which i like. :D

Mie Yamien Manis
This is sweetheart's order. Well, actually i don't which order is who, because we almost always do The Ritual when we eat, which is that two for one and one for two. It's a sharing method that we sit face to face and place both our order in a straight horizontal position so that as if both the order is mine, and the same with her. :D Anyway, tastewise, this dish is as good as the previous. Well, not actually the same, i prefer the spicy, it's simply more flavorfull. :D This dish also came with a friend, a bowl of meatballs in broth.

Bakso (Meatballs)
This is the meatballs. It's good, bouncy and juicy inside. This set(with noodle above) is about Rp. 16.000(CMIIW).

Es Cingcau Hitam
Now, this is the drink, Es Cingcau Hitam. It sure is refreshing and good for your health too. :D The sweetness is just right, not to sweet as sold in a street seller.

Overall, the dishes are great. The place is also nice and has a friendly aura, don't know why. Now, there's a photo studio at the back of this place, the name is Cubic. The owner of the photo studio is actually the son of the lady who own MieMoMie. This place also serve gado-gado, lumpia, lomie, and other things.

Jl. Pasteur No. 19 (near the junction between Jl. Pasteur and Jl. Cipaganti)
Bandung, Indonesia
Phone (62)022-4235370
Open on weekend only from 10.00 AM to 06.00 PM

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