Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mie Jakarta in front of UNPAR

Me, sweetheart, and her sis kinda hungry that day and Mie Jakarta is just below Gubuk Dongeng, the place where sweetheart and her sis rent some comic books and magazines.

Mie Jakarta
This is Mie Ayam Bakso for Rp 10.500. I actually not a fan of the noodle. It's to oily and a bit bland for the taste. The spring onion won't gives you any significant flavor to add to the whole noodle, i actually hope it will. I think you need to add more sweet soy sauce or chili sauce to give it more flavor(i like it this way than eat it as it is). Fortunately, the meatballs and the broth is OK. The meatballs has a bouncy effect when you bite it, which is good, though the broth is in the MSG side.

This is the dumpling you'll get when you order Mie Ayam Pangsit. I think this is good. The skin is paper thin and the inside is soft while it gives you a nice juicy taste of chicken when you bite it. This dumpling is surely better than the one in Mie Bejo, i like this. :D

You'll easily find this place in front of UNPAR campus. Overall, this place is OK, but i still prefer Mie Bejo even the dumpling is better here.

Jl. Ciumbuleuit
*in front of UNPAR
Bandung, Indonesia

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