Friday, April 9, 2010

Yamien at Mie Bejo

Actually..this are photos that i forget to post. well, i'll just post it anyway. :D
There's this place that many people said good for it's yamien. Me and sweetheart decided to go there, it's Mie Bejo. If it's not because sweetheart has already been there, i won't find the place, because it hidden. Yeah, no where to be seen from the street, and even without any sign board.

Yamien Ayam (Chicken Yamien)
This is the yamien. The noodle used is a yellow noodle, topped with shredded chicken, fried shallot, and spring onion. The taste is good, it's basically sweet and the shredded chicken is giving some flavor to it too. No wonder even this place is hidden, there are still so many people coming for lunch.

after stirring
This is the pic after stirring. The noodle is al dente if it's a pasta,hoho. This is my bowl, i didn't take hers because it's just the same.

a bowl of chicken feets, meatballs, and "sawi"
The noodle didn't came alone. it's been accompanied by his buddies, which is chicken feet, meatballs, and some "sawi"(forget the English). This is sweetheart's bowl, actually i don't like chicken feet, so i just took the pic and eat my own bowl,hoho.

a bowl of meatballs, dumplings, and "sawi"
This is mine. The only different is that i chose dumpling rather than feet. First, the broth, it's just so-so, i think it's on the MSG side though. The "sawi" fresh n crunchy, the meatballs is quite bouncy which is good. :D the only disappointment is just the dumplings. It taste rather floury. But overall, the bowl is OK. I like the noodle more though. The set(noodle+buddies) are priced Rp. 11.000, and i think it's still worth the enjoyment.

If you wanna go to this place, just search for Primarasa Bakery n go for the basement, you'll find it.

Jl. Pasir Kaliki
*basement of Primarasa Bakery
Bandung, Indonesia

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Beef Eater Burger

Until recently, i always search for better burger than the fast food one. As you may now,it's just a few burger seller in Bandung,one of them is Beef Eater located in front of UNPAR campus in the North.

Vegetarian Burger
Instead of their name,Beef Eater, they also offer you for a vegatarian burger. The patty is made from soy bean. After a bite..hey,the taste is good. It doesn't taste like soy bean at all. Well,it's not like a real meat either,but still,it's good. The bun is also good. I think it has been grilled first in the inside,so it won't become soggy from the lettuce, patty juice,or the sauce. There's black sesame seed on top of the bun (CMIIW).

Sticky Burger
oh,i want more.. :p
Quite impressed with the pirst burger,let's move to the second. This is Sticky Burger. Is it sticky? According to the lady who made it,the sticky is came from the use of mozzarella cheese inside the patty. After a bite,a second bites, where's the sticky?ah,finally found it in the third bites. There's not much of mozzarella to make the patty become sticky,and as you know,mozzarella don't even give any strong taste,so it's almost not recognized. But tastewise,the pattty is well seasoned,and of course it taste better than the first burger,it's real meat after all. LOL
See the bun at the background? There's a little bit grilled mark, and it sunk deep enough to hold the patty still. O ya,the lettuce is fresh,which is good and i like it. :D Sorry i forgot the price,i'll be back for the update later.

I think this is a good place to go for a burger. Watch for the sign, because it's rather difficult to find.

Jl. Cimbuleuit
*in front of UNPAR campus
Bandung, Indonesia

Monday, April 5, 2010

A Visit to Risol-Risol - Part 2

This is the continuation from the last part. The place that we are visiting is actually quite a huge place with some eateries. One of them is Risol-Risol. The other place is located in front of it,but still in the same area.

Snow White
After eating those frying things, i order something to ease my thirst. What i order is Snow White. Wow..this is surprisingly refreshing. It's quite a combination, it's good and the ingredient is like supporting each other. The taste is rather sour from the yogurt, yet refreshing from the lychee, and other ingredients. It contains several blended ingredients, such as yogurt, vanilla ice cream, lychee, some others that i forgot. O ya, there're also several frozen fruits like lychee, peach, and pineapple, which are still frozen(i think they forget to unfreeze it). The price is Rp. 15.000.

Baso isi Sosis (meatball with sausage filling)
After eating the appetizer,now it's time to move to the main. What's for the main? i choose "Baso Isi Sosis" or Meatball with Sausage Filling. Wow,this is also quite good. Sausage in a meatball,that's just the perfect combination of how to eat a beef meat,haha. The meatball has a bouncy texture and the sausage is soft and juicy, perfect. But there are 2 disappointment, first is that the broth is just so-so,just a regular taste of bakso soup. And for the second is that the price is not very good in value, Rp. 15.000 and it's just a bit expensive for just 3 small meatballs.

Peach and Cashew Nut Waffle
Next is for dessert. We order Peach and Cashew Nut waffle. Well, i can say that this is not worth the value. The waffle is serve with lil' bit of cashew nut, sugar syrup(rather light,almost not sweet at all), and a lil' cheese cream. For Rp. 20.000 you got long waiting for the dish to arrive (the Japanese in the next table even a little emotional when ordering because it's taking to long for just a juice,hoho), a hard waffle (a lil' bit to hard and dry), and just a wee bit of cashew nut (i was hoping more as it's the name of the menu). Well, at least the vanilla ice cream and the peach is not bad,so it's still enjoyable to eat(just the ice cream and the peach,haha). But we finish this clean and clear after all(we're just hungry LOL).

Jl. Setia Budi No 316
*a little to the North of Rumah Sosis
Bandung, Indonesia

A Visit to Risol-Risol - Part 1 last,i have my own to start it?well,let's start with my visit to Risol-Risol at Jl. Setia Budi, Bandung..why we (me and girlfriend) choose this place?it's just simply because we're attracted with this kinda huge place for makan-makan with family along my way to the swimming pool at Eldorado(a little bit up to the North)..

Lumpie Ayam Jamur (Chicken Mushroom Lumpia)
Actually this is my first time here and i don't even have heard any review about this we start with lumpia ayam jamur..the skin is crispy golden brown with no bitterness of over frying,i like it..serve with special sauce(not in the photo), which is a sweet chili sauce accompanied by lettuce, cucumber, and carrot..

inside the lumpia
I was hoping that i would get lots of chicken n mushroom in my lumpia..but i can barely see the mushroom,and even with the chicken..mostly is just bamboo shoots(i don't know if it's really bamboo shoots or not..well,it should be)..the taste?so-so lahh..get better when eaten with the sauce. The Price those trio is Rp. 12.000.

Chicken Cordon Bleu Risol
after slicing
The next dish coming is Chicken Cordon Bleu Risol or rather Rissole a la Cordon Bleu. Many country has their own kind of rissole. This is an indonesian rissole(just for the skin) combined with a la cordon bleu filling for Rp. 16.000. For the taste? oh,this is definitely the winner among those foods we tried that day. See the filling above? it contains chicken(which is very soft,almost no resistance when bitten),smoked beef,cheese,and mayo. Served with french fries(which is also good), salad(with those pinky dressing), and two kind of dipping(chili sauce and mustard).

This is where they made their risol
One of the interesting things in this place is that we can see how they made their rissoles from the outside, as if it's a display item on their shop,hoho. They offer many kind of rissole and lumpia.

Jl. Setia Budi No 312
*a little to the North after Rumah Sosis
Bandung, Indonesia
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