Sunday, January 6, 2013

Pesto Pasta at Home

pesto pasta

Yow guys n lads..2013 comin..let's start the year by cooking shall we.. :D This time I cook some pesto to go along with pasta..quite easy are some ingredients that I use to made all this..

- Pasta (any kind, I use buscatini for this one)
- a handful of basil
- salted roasted peanuts (no pine nuts, use "kacang kulit Garuda" instead,haha..)
- garlic
- cheese (use Bega Mild for this one)
- lime juice (lemons would be great, but I dont have any)
- salt
- black pepper
- extra virgin olive oil
- water

So this is how it works..first of all, as my usual way of cooking, no specific measurements in this recipe, use your instinct and feeling instead..
1. boil some water then fill them up with quite generous amount of salt
2. put your pasta in, cook as suggested in the package
3. while waiting for the pasta to be cooked, get a handful of basil leaf and put them in a food processor or blender, along with extra virgin olive oil(don't hesitate on putting the oil), peanuts, garlic, cheese, lime juice (just a little bit, just want some hint of freshness),salt and pepper.
4. blend them good, and your pesto are ready to be used, then set aside
5. after the pasta cooked, drain, put the pasta in a pan as also with the pesto
6. mix the pasta with the pesto well, and adjust the seasoning as your liking
7. put the pesto pasta in a plate, grate some cheese on it, add freshly ground black pepper and extra virgin olive oil for the finishing touch.
8.'s ready to can eat them with any protein you like, I eat them with sausage n chicken tofu this time.

Is it easy?hell yeah, you only need about 10 to 15 minutes to made this..just don't be afraid, trust your instinct, and always taste to check if it needs any adjustment in the process. You can use the un-used pesto for later use, just keep it in the fridge.

Enjoy your experiment n happy new year.. :D

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Tous Les Jours

Hi guys and lads..balik lagi..setelah sedikit terjerembab dalam rutinitas kantor menjelang akhir tahun n beberes rumah yang dari bulan lalu baru ditempatin dan sekarang masih acak2 aja,haha..

Okey, pulang kantor, mampir ke PI, nemu sebuah bakery yang cukup mencolok, namanya Tous Les Jours..what is it mean?berasal dari bahasa Perancis yang berarti "Everyday" ini merupakan sebuah franchise French bakery yang berasal dari Korea dan sudah berdiri sejak 1996 di negeri ginseng sana..wait..Korea??well..walaupun dari nama, dekor, dan makanan ga ada Korea2 nya, tapi percaya lah, ini dari Korea..dan kenapa "Everyday"?karena bakery ini lebih menonjolkan konsep freshly baked every day..and seriously, their products are let's check it out of some that I bring home..

Creamcheese Walnut Bread (Rp 30k)..roti dengan campuran walnut yang berbentuk lingkaran dengan isian creamcheese dan topping cocok nih, rotinya cukup padat dengan creamcheese yang tidak terlalu overwhelming, si walnut nya memberi tekstur tambahan dengan aksen rasa yang khas..belakangan gw liat roti jenis ini ada juga ya di saingannya, "obrolan roti", tapi masih kalah dari segi bentuknya, dari segi rasa belum nyobain,oho..

Berry & Cream Cheese (Rp 15k)..this is also not bad..cocok buat temen minum kopi dkk..teksturnya memang padat dengan rasa yang tidak terlalu manis juga, gandum banget deh.. :D

wild blue berry extra jam
Sama nyobain satu lagi, Blueberry Jam-Bun Maman (Rp 5,5k)..selai wild blueberry yang dikemas dalam wadah yang cantik, lucu nan imut (yang akhirny dijadikan wadah bulu mata palsu sama Coffeequeendom), haha..dari segi rasa, agak lumayan kuat rasanya, cenderung manis dengan rasa blueberry yang wild, bukan rasa manis n agak asem yang biasanya ada di selai blueberry..

So..overall roti2 disini oke2 juga..terutama bagi penggemar roti yang memang suka rasa roti yang menonjolkan cita rasa alami dari bahan2nya..pelayanan disini juga oke loo.. :D

Tous Les Jours
Plaza Indonesia, L#5

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Dinner by Wife

Wowww...what along time hiatus..something just doesn't feel right when I don't take pictures of foods then later upload them to my blog..oho..lot's of photos are waiting to be uploaded and shared to you guys.. :D but most important thing in my quite long hiatus is that I upgrade myself..yes..upgrade my status to MARRIED..yeahh.. xD

As the reason of the making of this blog is that I wanna share my "Ritual" with my girlfriend(which is my wife nnow :p), now you'll see her more often I guess..featuring both eating out and cooking time at house.. :D

So..let's skip all the chit chit..this is a dinner in one night not that far from my wedding date..when I arrive at home after work, and tadaa..She cooks some foods for us to eat together..


This one She cooks me spaghetti bolognese..woww..nice..I like this..She use some mushrooms in it.


No meals are complete without dessert..and here we go..brown sugar pancake served with honey..

This is already night and I feel sooo sleepy..SO, good by, have a nice dream.

Do you know?I wrote the above post with literally half opened eye because I feel veryy sleepyy..and trust me, I don't even remember when I write that last row..haha..
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