Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Solaria Dinner and Honeymoon Dessert at PVJ

After watching a movie in Blitz upstairs, me and sweetheart decided to have a dinner at Solaria. This is a new Solaria place after renovation in PVJ. Solaria move to a more hidden place at the East side of the underground floor.

Mie + Ayam Katsu (chicken katsu noodle)
This is what i order, it says "Mie + Ayam Katsu" in the menu, or it would be Chicken Katsu Noodle in English. This is from Special Menu section for Rp 24.000++(CMIIW). Hey..this is good, no doubt. The Katsu is crispy outside but moist and tender chicken inside. Even the noodle looks dry and a bit bland in taste, but after stirring you will get a nice noodle(not al dente but not to soft either) covered in a teriyaki sauce. Completed with a chicken broth that use real chicken without a hint of MSG, and i even think that the coleslaw is good,ho..

Ayam Cah Kapri (chicken snow peas)
This is what sweetheart order. She's on diet, so she order this a la carte menu for Rp 18.000++(CMIIW). This menu is usually ordered by us and became our favorite when we eat at the previous Solaria place before renovation. It seems that it has gone downslide. She noticed a little burn mark on the cauliflower. It's even has a MSG taste more appealing, not as usual. I don't know what's wrong with the chef, but i think i'll try it again next time, hope it will be back as usual.

The new place is better with the ambiance, a little cozy romantic even with a small space. And what i like the most is that they place a smoking section upstairs(it's two story in floor)but i think they lack in the music taste,hoho.

After that, we think we want something sweet for dessert. So we to go to Honeymoon Dessert, still in the same floor with Solaria.

Durian Pancake
This is the Durian Pancake for Rp 26.000.

the inside look
This is what it looks inside(sorry for the messy cutting :p ). I think this is worth a comeback. The sweetness came only from the durian pure. The skin is so soft as if it is melt in your mouth. They use a non-fat whipped cream, and it has a very little hint of sweetness(i think it's a contamination from the pure). Both the skin and cream is way plain compared to the pure, which is good to balanced the strong taste of the pure. If you are a durian lover, you'll definitely like this, just don't eat to much, sometimes you'll get a little dizzyness from it,hoho..

Do You Know?
Honeymoon Dessert is a Hongkong franchise shop, established in 1995, that focused on home-style dessert. You can find Honeymoon Dessert only in Hongkong, China, and Indonesia. There are only 9 place in Indonesia, 3 in Bandung.

Paris Van Java Glamour Level
Jl. Sukajadi No. 137-139
Bandung, Indonesia
Honeymoon Dessert phone :(62) 022-82063762
Open daily from 10.00 to 22.00


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