Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Trail : Onion Rings

Now, i'm gonna try to make onion rings. This is actually a simple dish to make and a good snack to accompany you while watching DVDs(well, that's what i do). :p

Homemade Onion Ring
The ingredients are :
- all purpose flour
- vegetable oil
- an egg
- a pinch of baking powder
- salt and pepper
- a pinch of sugar
- cold milk (mix with cold plain soda would be better)
- breadcrumbs
+ cutting board
+ 2 bowls
+ spoon
+ spatula
+ deep frying pan

How to make :
1. mix all purpose flour with salt, pepper, baking powder, and a pinch of sugar
2. cut the onion into rings and dip it in the flour mixture till covered with it, knock off excess and put a side
3. break the egg, put it in a bowl and mix it with milk
4. mix the egg mixture with the flour mixture, make a batter
5. put breadcrumbs in a seperate bowl
6. prepare the frying pan with vegetable oil in it, use medium heat
7. now, dip the ring into the dough then dip it again into the breadcrumbs and put it in the oil. do it to the rest of the ring
8. cook it until golden brown. don't forget to turn the ring in the oil while cooking so the color will spread evenly.
9. take the ring off the pan and dry the excess oil
10. ready to be served with your favorite dipping :D

oh i love onion ring. The onion inside is still crunchy and sweet, the batter is also crispy, the breadcrumbs made it so. As my other trial, this one to doesn't has any measurement on the ingredient, just use your feeling. ;p
It's easy isn't it? so why don't you try it on your own. Happy cooking.. :D

Monday, June 28, 2010


We actually want to eat at Serba Tahu, in the far end of Jl. Ciumbuleuit, but seems it don't do the business there anymore. So i think we can try to go to Punclut, this area is actually well known for their weekly market named "Pasar Mingon" which means a market that only open weekly on Sunday. The place we are visiting is located in the peak of the area, just in front of RRI radio station.

Bandung City View
You can see a nice view of Bandung. Can you see the blue building a little to the right? That's the downtown. :D

This is what we eat (minus the rice)
The place is located in a cliff with an open air and "sitting in the floor" eating place. This is what we order(minus the rice and sayur asem), Ayam Bakar(Grilled Chicken), Pepes Oncom(Steamed Oncom), Sambel Terasi & Lalap(Prawn Paste Chili Sauce and Vegie), and a whole young coconut as a drink(we are also served free hot tea in a plastic pot).

Ayam Bakar (grilled chicken)
This is the Ayam Bakar(grilled chicken). Actually, this chicken is good, it's moist inside and in a big size too. The only problem is the sauce, the use a very-sweet sweet soy sauce, which the taste is rather overly sweet. But if you eat it with rice and don't take much of the sauce, it's good. :D

Pepes Oncom
This oncom is quite good, but they reheat it by fry it in a lot of oil, so it makes the leave to oily, but it's ok.

Sambal Lalap (chilli sauce and green vegie)
The sambal is good, it certainly hot, as Sundanese usually prefer. :D (this picture is actually taken 2 days later when i revisit this place with my folks, but it's just the same :D )

Nasi Hitam (Black Rice)
Now, this is the rice we order, Black Rice. When i ask to the black rice seller in the street, she said that this is actually a mix of black rice and white rice in 1:2 portion because if they only use the black rice, it will a little hard to eat and won't taste good, so black one for health and white one for taste. :D What really surprise me is that a basket of this rice(shown in the pic above) is priced only Rp 3.000. woww..it's so cheap, in fact that this can feed up to 3 person in big portions,ohoo. (but later i found out that in Saturday and Sunday you won't get as cheap as this, for Rp 3.000 you'll only get a single portion, so this Rp 3.000 per basket only work from Monday - Friday).

Sayur Asem (sour vegie soup)
This is Sayur Asem(sour vegie soup) that's taken 2 days later. The taste is good, just as a sayur asem should be. But the only missing thing is that there's no peanut inside, but they rather generous with the nuts and the leaves of melinjo. There are also squash and corn.

Saung Punclut Sangkan Hurip Ibu Diah . Bapak Idas
Jl. Komplek RRI, Punclut, Ciumbuleuit
*in front of RRI radio station
Bandung, Indonesia
Open Daily

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Javan Waroeng Steak & Pasta at Geger Kalong

We thought that Javan Steak had move to this place, but this place we visit now is actually a branch from Javan Steak at Jl. Sulanjana. The place is smaller, it took place in the front part of a photo studio. (why they always choose a shared place with other business?the main used to share with a Factory Outlet, now with a cafe&bar,oho..)

Chicken a la Stanley with Spaghetti
This is what we order, Chicken "Stanley". Because we are in a diet, so we just share this. :p They made chicken a la stanley into steak version(later i realize that their menu mostly is a non-steak menu made into one,ho..). The taste is still good as the main does, the chicken is quite moist but not soggy from the sauce, but somehow it reminds us with fried chickens from KFC,oho. The stanley sauce itself is indeed good and very generous for it. They use onion and mushrooms in it, just like a traditional "a la stanley" does. I can taste a bit of spices in the sauce, don't know what. We choose spaghetti as the side dish rather that french fries. Unfortunately, the spaghetti is not al dente, but i think you can order it al dente if you like, and aslo very generous with the sauce. The sauce is good, topped with cheddar cheese, and Oh, i found a chunk of sweet potato inside,haha. They always generous with the sauce in every menu, which i like. :D Oh ya, if you want both spaghetti and french fries as the side dish, you just have to pay +Rp 2.000 for it.

This place is well known for their "good value for money" steak. The menu is ranged from Rp 13.000 to Rp 15.000, and that's certainly cheap for a good and satisfying dish you'll get.

*Worth a comeback*

Javan Waroeng Steak & Pasta
Jl. Gegerkalong
*share place with a photo studio
Bandung, Indonesia
Open daily from 10.00 AM until 22.00 PM

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Tragedy at MieMoMie

What tragedy?is the food so bad that it become a tragedy..absolutely not..the food definitely great..me and sweetheart are eating without regrets at all. LOL
So what is the tragedy? It's after the dinner. when we wanna go home, my motor bike's key hole is jammed, i don't know why. It's rained where i park my bike, and the place is just gonna close at that hour. Took about 20 minutes(after praying) before the key hole is fine,hoho..
okay..who cares if it's raining and my motor bike's key is jammed..let's go to the food..

This place is called MieMoMie. The place kinda hard to notice, it's below the Pasupati flyover, there's no eye catching sign board, and they only open on Saturday and Sunday from 10.00 AM to 06.00 PM, perfect. They said that they had other things to do on weekday, so they only open on weekend.

Mie Rica at MieMoMie
How about the food?Now, this is one of them, the Mie Rica. Wow..the rica is good. Not like any other place who sell rica that doesn't have any spicy taste, this one is spicy enough(even it's not the real spiciness of Manado rica). The meat is grounded pretty well so if you stir the noodle, it almost like coating the noodle perfectly. The noodle used is a yellow egg round noodle. The texture is good, i can say it's al dente, and the sweetness is just right, not to sweet but not less either. The fresh chopped spring onion is not just a decorative one, it definitely add some flavor to the whole dish, make it taste more fresh. I think this is better than Mie Bejo. I order the set that consist of Mie Rica and a bowl of dumplings in broth, it's for Rp 18.000.

Pangsit Kuah (dumplings)
This is the dumpling in broth, part of the my ordered set. This is quite nice, and i prefer this dumpling here than the one in Mie bejo, it's because the skin is nicer here, paper thin and soft. The meeat inside i a bit funny. When you cut the skin, the meat will just rolled out of the skin as the meat is in a chicken meatball shape, it's really round in shape just like a meatball which is unusual, but the taste is nice, though. The broth is just a regular bakso broth, with the MSG is less detected, which i like. :D

Mie Yamien Manis
This is sweetheart's order. Well, actually i don't which order is who, because we almost always do The Ritual when we eat, which is that two for one and one for two. It's a sharing method that we sit face to face and place both our order in a straight horizontal position so that as if both the order is mine, and the same with her. :D Anyway, tastewise, this dish is as good as the previous. Well, not actually the same, i prefer the spicy, it's simply more flavorfull. :D This dish also came with a friend, a bowl of meatballs in broth.

Bakso (Meatballs)
This is the meatballs. It's good, bouncy and juicy inside. This set(with noodle above) is about Rp. 16.000(CMIIW).

Es Cingcau Hitam
Now, this is the drink, Es Cingcau Hitam. It sure is refreshing and good for your health too. :D The sweetness is just right, not to sweet as sold in a street seller.

Overall, the dishes are great. The place is also nice and has a friendly aura, don't know why. Now, there's a photo studio at the back of this place, the name is Cubic. The owner of the photo studio is actually the son of the lady who own MieMoMie. This place also serve gado-gado, lumpia, lomie, and other things.

Jl. Pasteur No. 19 (near the junction between Jl. Pasteur and Jl. Cipaganti)
Bandung, Indonesia
Phone (62)022-4235370
Open on weekend only from 10.00 AM to 06.00 PM

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Solaria Dinner and Honeymoon Dessert at PVJ

After watching a movie in Blitz upstairs, me and sweetheart decided to have a dinner at Solaria. This is a new Solaria place after renovation in PVJ. Solaria move to a more hidden place at the East side of the underground floor.

Mie + Ayam Katsu (chicken katsu noodle)
This is what i order, it says "Mie + Ayam Katsu" in the menu, or it would be Chicken Katsu Noodle in English. This is from Special Menu section for Rp 24.000++(CMIIW). Hey..this is good, no doubt. The Katsu is crispy outside but moist and tender chicken inside. Even the noodle looks dry and a bit bland in taste, but after stirring you will get a nice noodle(not al dente but not to soft either) covered in a teriyaki sauce. Completed with a chicken broth that use real chicken without a hint of MSG, and i even think that the coleslaw is good,ho..

Ayam Cah Kapri (chicken snow peas)
This is what sweetheart order. She's on diet, so she order this a la carte menu for Rp 18.000++(CMIIW). This menu is usually ordered by us and became our favorite when we eat at the previous Solaria place before renovation. It seems that it has gone downslide. She noticed a little burn mark on the cauliflower. It's even has a MSG taste more appealing, not as usual. I don't know what's wrong with the chef, but i think i'll try it again next time, hope it will be back as usual.

The new place is better with the ambiance, a little cozy romantic even with a small space. And what i like the most is that they place a smoking section upstairs(it's two story in floor)but i think they lack in the music taste,hoho.

After that, we think we want something sweet for dessert. So we to go to Honeymoon Dessert, still in the same floor with Solaria.

Durian Pancake
This is the Durian Pancake for Rp 26.000.

the inside look
This is what it looks inside(sorry for the messy cutting :p ). I think this is worth a comeback. The sweetness came only from the durian pure. The skin is so soft as if it is melt in your mouth. They use a non-fat whipped cream, and it has a very little hint of sweetness(i think it's a contamination from the pure). Both the skin and cream is way plain compared to the pure, which is good to balanced the strong taste of the pure. If you are a durian lover, you'll definitely like this, just don't eat to much, sometimes you'll get a little dizzyness from it,hoho..

Do You Know?
Honeymoon Dessert is a Hongkong franchise shop, established in 1995, that focused on home-style dessert. You can find Honeymoon Dessert only in Hongkong, China, and Indonesia. There are only 9 place in Indonesia, 3 in Bandung.

Paris Van Java Glamour Level
Jl. Sukajadi No. 137-139
Bandung, Indonesia
Honeymoon Dessert phone :(62) 022-82063762
Open daily from 10.00 to 22.00

Monday, June 7, 2010

Bakso Malang at Bakso Enggal

After accompanying sweetheart's sis to buy some her school project, me, sweetheart and fams finally decided to go to Bakso Enggal, one of the most well known Bakso Malang in Bandung. Originally we want to go to MieMoMie but the traffic is just to jammed at lunch hour. Bakso Enggal gain its popularity by their buffet style bakso malang.

many kind of fried stuff in "Bakso Malang"
Bakso Malang consist of fried and wet stuff to choose. The fried one are bakso goreng(fried meatball), pangsit goreng(fried dumpling), and pangsit gulung(fried rolled dumpling). Oh, i like the fried meatballs the most. It taste crunchy outside yet soft inside. The others are OK, i love to eat them with sweet soy sauce, lovely. :D

wet stuff in "Bakso Malang"
In the end of your queuing to pick your own items, you'll get a nice hot beef broth(that you can ask for a second, third, and so on) in a bowl you pick before. The wet stuff consist of dumpling, meatballs, and "baso tahu"(meatball dough stuffed in a half yellow tofu). There are actually 3 kinds of meatballs available, soft, medium, and "urat"(tendon meatball). Oh ya, i forget to tell you that you can have as much fried shallot and celery as you want. :D

Strawberry Juice
After eating those hot dish, it's very refreshing to have this Strawberry Juice. This is one of the best strawberry juice i ever had. I think they use strawberry syrup as the sweetener, which is nice. :D

This place is actually the Pasteur joint. The main is in Jl. Burangrang No. 12, near BPI high school.

Jl. Pasteur No. 61
Bandung, Indonesia

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mie Jakarta in front of UNPAR

Me, sweetheart, and her sis kinda hungry that day and Mie Jakarta is just below Gubuk Dongeng, the place where sweetheart and her sis rent some comic books and magazines.

Mie Jakarta
This is Mie Ayam Bakso for Rp 10.500. I actually not a fan of the noodle. It's to oily and a bit bland for the taste. The spring onion won't gives you any significant flavor to add to the whole noodle, i actually hope it will. I think you need to add more sweet soy sauce or chili sauce to give it more flavor(i like it this way than eat it as it is). Fortunately, the meatballs and the broth is OK. The meatballs has a bouncy effect when you bite it, which is good, though the broth is in the MSG side.

This is the dumpling you'll get when you order Mie Ayam Pangsit. I think this is good. The skin is paper thin and the inside is soft while it gives you a nice juicy taste of chicken when you bite it. This dumpling is surely better than the one in Mie Bejo, i like this. :D

You'll easily find this place in front of UNPAR campus. Overall, this place is OK, but i still prefer Mie Bejo even the dumpling is better here.

Jl. Ciumbuleuit
*in front of UNPAR
Bandung, Indonesia

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Snack at Sushi Tei

Sweetheart said that salad in Sushi Tei is good and fresh when she eat it at the Plaza Indonesia joint. So i think i need to try the in Bandung.

Wakame Salad
This is the salad, or Wakame Salad to be more precise. This is indeed a very fresh salad that consist of wakame(edible seaweed), lettuce, carrot, cucumber, red cabbage, onion, tomato, and lemon for dressing. The dressing sauce is more like a lemon based sauce. The lettuce is crunchy and a little bit watery, which means that the lettuce is fresh. But the main point is the wakame, fresh crunchy and sweet wakame. ohh..lovely. :D This bowl is for Rp 28.000,no tax and service charge included.

Hot Ocha
You won't find this drink in the menu list because this is a free drink served when you order it.

Choco Chiffon
The lady who take the order ask us if we want a dessert to close our meal. We were offered 3 kind of dessert that's not in the menu book. This is one of them, Choco Chiffon, a chocolate ice cream sandwiched by chocolate flavored chiffon cakes. This is a good dish for dessert. It has a light taste, more to the chocolate side than sweeet, that neutralize your taste bud after eating the previous dish. Has a little chocolate chunk inside. Most of the dessert is prized Rp 20.000, including this one.

The food is good and the atmosphere is cozy. This is a good place for you to just sit and relax while you enjoy the food slowly. :D Hey, i didn't know that this is actually a Singapore franchise restaurant,hoho.

Jl. Sumatra No. 9
Bandung, Indonesia
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