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We actually want to eat at Serba Tahu, in the far end of Jl. Ciumbuleuit, but seems it don't do the business there anymore. So i think we can try to go to Punclut, this area is actually well known for their weekly market named "Pasar Mingon" which means a market that only open weekly on Sunday. The place we are visiting is located in the peak of the area, just in front of RRI radio station.

Bandung City View
You can see a nice view of Bandung. Can you see the blue building a little to the right? That's the downtown. :D

This is what we eat (minus the rice)
The place is located in a cliff with an open air and "sitting in the floor" eating place. This is what we order(minus the rice and sayur asem), Ayam Bakar(Grilled Chicken), Pepes Oncom(Steamed Oncom), Sambel Terasi & Lalap(Prawn Paste Chili Sauce and Vegie), and a whole young coconut as a drink(we are also served free hot tea in a plastic pot).

Ayam Bakar (grilled chicken)
This is the Ayam Bakar(grilled chicken). Actually, this chicken is good, it's moist inside and in a big size too. The only problem is the sauce, the use a very-sweet sweet soy sauce, which the taste is rather overly sweet. But if you eat it with rice and don't take much of the sauce, it's good. :D

Pepes Oncom
This oncom is quite good, but they reheat it by fry it in a lot of oil, so it makes the leave to oily, but it's ok.

Sambal Lalap (chilli sauce and green vegie)
The sambal is good, it certainly hot, as Sundanese usually prefer. :D (this picture is actually taken 2 days later when i revisit this place with my folks, but it's just the same :D )

Nasi Hitam (Black Rice)
Now, this is the rice we order, Black Rice. When i ask to the black rice seller in the street, she said that this is actually a mix of black rice and white rice in 1:2 portion because if they only use the black rice, it will a little hard to eat and won't taste good, so black one for health and white one for taste. :D What really surprise me is that a basket of this rice(shown in the pic above) is priced only Rp 3.000.'s so cheap, in fact that this can feed up to 3 person in big portions,ohoo. (but later i found out that in Saturday and Sunday you won't get as cheap as this, for Rp 3.000 you'll only get a single portion, so this Rp 3.000 per basket only work from Monday - Friday).

Sayur Asem (sour vegie soup)
This is Sayur Asem(sour vegie soup) that's taken 2 days later. The taste is good, just as a sayur asem should be. But the only missing thing is that there's no peanut inside, but they rather generous with the nuts and the leaves of melinjo. There are also squash and corn.

Saung Punclut Sangkan Hurip Ibu Diah . Bapak Idas
Jl. Komplek RRI, Punclut, Ciumbuleuit
*in front of RRI radio station
Bandung, Indonesia
Open Daily

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