Thursday, July 1, 2010

Take Home from Hospital

My aunt is in the hospital and i can't go visit her, so it's my dad who is going to Jakarta. When my dad come back home after visit my aunt, he brought back foods. He said that this is from my aunt in the hospital, he said that my other family had already visit her and gave so many food that it's to much for her, so she gave a few to my dad. Thanks aunty, sorry i can't visit you, glad you're okay now and hope you don't need to see any doctor any more, just healthy ever after. :)

a pastry that i don't know the name :p
This is a lots of layers pastry with a mix fruit vla custard filling, topped with whipped cream, raisins, and a red cherry. I don't know the name, this is actually good if only it's a fresh baked one, but it's still good even it's not fresh. :D arrgh, i forget the name of the place sold this, the package is already thrown away. :( The only things that i remember are the name is *something like a person's name* Cafe Pastry&Cake, the place is in South Jakarta. What a wide range of possibility LOL.

a dozen of Dunkin' Donuts
The other food is this dozen of Dunkin' Donuts. As always, Dunkin' Donuts will still edible even days after made. :D I love the chocolate filling one.

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