Saturday, July 14, 2012

Nasgor Beras Merah and Indomie Goreng Rendang

Yeahh..Saturday..Holiday..lovely day..time to cook shall we..haha..

nasgor beras merah with indomie

Bored with the usual Saturday breakfast, which is Bubur Ayam, We tried something different..making some fried rice..but..with red grain rice..we only used simply EV olive oil, garlic, salt, n pepper..the result..woww..nice..the red grain is already has it's own unique taste, just a little bit of seasoning n it will bring the taste up..the texture of the red grain is also firmer than the white one, so I think it's perfect for fried rice..he..Accompanied with tempe, eggs, n cheddar..
And not just Indonesian usually do, combining rice with indomie (teman sejati anak kost), haha.. :p


See the Indomie underneath..The Rendang Flavor Indomie..u is nice btw, the rendang flavor is there..but the original still do the best for me.. :D

sumpit merah biru

There goes a little Intermezzo from me on this the friendly sumpits..easy use for someone who's not customary using chopsticks..

Let's have a nice weekend they said..It will be fun they said.. xD

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