Sunday, July 4, 2010

Javan Waroeng Steak & Pasta, The Main Store

Again..We decide to go to Javan Steak that's at Jl. Sulanjana to make sure that they don't just move to GerLong, and there it is..They still operating, in a rather small section of the place, sharing with 9 Square Bar&Resto.

Chicken Gumbo with Spaghetti
Because both of us are on diet, so we choose to order chicken steak with spaghetti instead of the beef one with chips,oho..This is one of our order(as always, we do the Ritual thing :p ), Chicken Gumbo. Well, it's originally a stew kind of dish, but they turn it into a steak with gumbo sauce. The same with other menus, they tried many kind of recipes that's originally not a steak dish and made into one. This is a spicy(you can guess from the pic) and tasteful dish. The chicken is good as usual, well cooked but still moist inside yet not soggy from the sauce. The spaghetti is rather sweeter than the gumbo, so it helps balanced the spiciness. As usual, you won't get any al dente pastas if you don't order it so. I think this is for Rp 13.500.

Chicken Cordor Bleu with Spaghetti
This is the other order. Don't imagine anything, this is absolutely a chicken cordon bleu dish, Javan Steak style, ahaha. They don't use any crispy outer layer, and just use egg instead, but it's still good, though. The inside is a normal cordon blue filling, smoked beef and cheese(a lil bit melted). The sauce is a sweet version, which is a good combo of order, a spicy one and a sweet one, both balanced each other yet add a nice combination of taste if mixed,ahaha..This Cordon Bleu is for Rp 15.000.

This is absolutely a recommended place to go for a good value for money dish. Wanna eat something nice but don't have much money on you, make sure you visit this place. :D
*Worth a comeback*

Javan Waroeng Steak & Pasta
Jl. Sulanjana No. 9
*share place with 9 Square Bar&Resto
Bandung, Indonesia
Open daily from 10.00 AM until 22.00 PM

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