Thursday, July 8, 2010

Argo Parahyangan

This is actually a long story to tell, but let's just make it short for the good of ourself(i'm to lazy to write too long and you'll be lazy to read) LOL.
This is the day i go to have an interview at Jakarta. So i decide to go with a train for a more comfortable trip.

Argo Parahyangan Executive Class
This is the executive class of Argo Parahyangan. You can watch some program on the 2 plasma TV placed at both end of the section, and you also get a free reading of today newspaper. What a nice ride with just Rp 50.000, is'nt it? :D

Now, after i had the interview, i just go straight to the station to get a train back to Bandung, it's around 03.00 PM when i arrive to the station. The train i want to go is at 04.15 PM, but unfortunately all the seats are already bought and the next train to catch is at 06.00 PM, to long to wait. So i decided to just buy the ticket for the 04.15 PM train as a "no sitting ticket". But fortunately, very, i got a seat in the kitchen section so i don't have to stand for about 4 hours,oho..

Train Kitchen
This picture is taken just exactly where i sit. Lucky to have this sitting in a crowded train(not seen but it is).

Nasi Goreng at Train
It's already 05.15 PM and i haven't had lunch yet. So i order one of the available menus, Nasi Goreng with sunny side up, the other menu is instant noodle. This is basicly a bland taste nasi goreng even with a little trace of chicken taste. But i don't expect any better nasi goreng on the train, though, it's very hard to prepare foods on a moving train, it's kinda like a 5 SR earthquake happening right at your place,haha..Well, i'm hungry, so all food is just great. :D The food alone is for Rp. 15.000, plus Rp. 3.000 if you want a hot sweet tea.

Argo Parahyangan Train
serve Bandung-Jakarta and Jakarta-Bandung rute
available in Bisnis class(Rp 30.000) and Executive class(Rp. 50.000).
departed 7 times a day

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