Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Trail : Steak

Wow..It's time for what will we cook today?let's make a very simple dish(again) yet good to eat, a simple beef steak.

oh nice :D

What do we need here is :
- lean meat(a little fat is better)
- vegetable oil(any kind but olive)
- salt&pepper
- butter(optional, i don't use it but it's better to use it)
+ frying pan
+ fork
+ tongs
+ cutting board (for serving)
+ knife (for serving)

How to make?
1. prepare your meat, use fork to soften the meat by sticking on it. make sure the meat is at the room temperature
2. prepare the frying pan, put oil there and make sure you use a very high heat
3. season your meat with salt and pepper, don't hesitate on seasoning, the seasoning mostly will just dropped to the pan
4. if the frying is already in a very high heat(when you can see a little smoke come out of the oil), put the meat at it
5. just let the meat cooked for 4-5 minutes on one side, then turn it and let it for another 4-5 minutes
6. *if you use butter, then put the butter in and splash the meat with the melted butter
7. cook the side of the meat for a minute
8. take the meat from the pan and rest it for about 10 minutes
9. put it on the cutting board, cut it but don't do it thinly
10. ready to be eaten, enjoy.. :D

bloody ****
This is a medium-rare steak from above recipe. :D It's good. The meat is juicy and no blood taste at all even it's bloody pink. Eat it as it is or use any dipping or sauce you like.

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