Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Martabak Telor Sarinah

Sarinah? No, this is not Jakarta, We are still in Bandung,ho..This Sarinah was a Mini Market located inside Margahayu Raya. Anyone who lives in the neighborhood might know this.

Martabak Telor
This is the martabak telor special, with both chicken eggs and duck egg. This one is taste rather OK. Just the usual taste of good martabak telor, nothing special actually, but still, it's nice. :D The skin is a bit crunchy and the minced beef meat is well braised, even it's mostly salty in taste.

Martabak side dishes
This is the usual side dishes, some "acar" and the special sauce(mix of sweet soy sauce, vinegar, and another ingredient).

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