Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bakmi Jogja at Metro Trade Center

It's dinner time, it's raining, and my folks wanna go for a warm dinner not too far from my house. So we decided to go to Bakmi Jogja at MTC. It's one of the many "Ruko" there.

Bakmi Ghodog
First arrive is their order(both order the same), bakmi ghodog. Hey, it's good. I like the broth, it's made from chicken(i think it's bone part, seeing from the color). The taste is light, it's the taste that gives you the feeling to eat more,hoho. But unfortunately, the noodle is to soft for my liking. This plate also contain shredded chicken, skin, liver, gizzard, cabbage, tomato, and egg. Oh, there's also some pickles, which is to sweet.

Bakmi Goreng
Now, this is my plate, Bakmi Goreng. It's the same with the "ghodog" version, it has a light taste that also tempt me to eat more. :p The taste is sweet, different than the other version, because it use "kecap manis"(sweet soy sauce) which is the trademark of bakmi from Central Java. This plate also contain the same buddies as the other version.

This place usually crowded when dinner time, sometimes you have to wait to have a seating. Oh, i forget to tell you that they cook their food in a charcoal stove and it's sure will enrich the food. :D

Jl. Soekarno Hatta (Metro Trade Center)
Bandung, Indonesia

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