Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Taste at Paris Van Java

Sweetheart had a show in PVJ that day. After the show is over, we think we need to discuss something about the show for a future reference. We decided to go to The Taste in the basement while we relax ourself.

Es Sarang Burung (just the name)
This is the first arrive to ease our thirst and fatigue. When i see the name of the menu, i thought that this is a real edible swallow's nest soup, which is weird because it's way to cheap for it, but later i found out that this is just a shredded "agar-agar" soup with brown sugar and sweetened lengkeng(longan). Even that, this is still a refreshing dish for you to have after a whole day fatigue,hoho. The taste is rather light, not too sweet, which made it easy and enjoyable to eat.

Tahu Telur (Tofu Egg)
The next dish is "Tahu Telur". This is basically a deep fried mixture of small cut tofu with egg, topped with fresh bean sprout and chopped spring onion. They use "pecel"(peanut based sauce) for the sauce. It has an authentic taste of "tahu telur"(it's so simple anyway) with the pecel sauce. But i think it to much oily, collected inside that tube shape. This surely will fill you up for an appetizer, because we kinda full by just eating this, even it's for the two of us.
The total for both dish is Rp 34.499 after 10% tax, no service charged.

This is quite a good place for a mall located Indonesian cuisine restaurant. But i think it still can't defeat the original taste of a traditional cuisine sold in a traditional place.

Do You Know?
Bird's Nest soup is a Chinese cuisine that use one of the most expensive ingredient exist. The ingredient is a bird's nest made by male swallow birds in the breeding season. The one in Central Java is harvested in April, the latter part of August (the largest), and December. When the harvest is over, specially prepared offers are made in a shed in what is known as the "State Bed of Nyai Loro Kidul", because Nyai Loro Kidul is considered as a patron goddess of the bird's nest gatherers in South Java. (credit for Wikipedia)

Jl. Sukajadi No.137-139
*in the lower floor of PVJ
Bandung, Indonesia

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