Monday, April 5, 2010

A Visit to Risol-Risol - Part 2

This is the continuation from the last part. The place that we are visiting is actually quite a huge place with some eateries. One of them is Risol-Risol. The other place is located in front of it,but still in the same area.

Snow White
After eating those frying things, i order something to ease my thirst. What i order is Snow White. Wow..this is surprisingly refreshing. It's quite a combination, it's good and the ingredient is like supporting each other. The taste is rather sour from the yogurt, yet refreshing from the lychee, and other ingredients. It contains several blended ingredients, such as yogurt, vanilla ice cream, lychee, some others that i forgot. O ya, there're also several frozen fruits like lychee, peach, and pineapple, which are still frozen(i think they forget to unfreeze it). The price is Rp. 15.000.

Baso isi Sosis (meatball with sausage filling)
After eating the appetizer,now it's time to move to the main. What's for the main? i choose "Baso Isi Sosis" or Meatball with Sausage Filling. Wow,this is also quite good. Sausage in a meatball,that's just the perfect combination of how to eat a beef meat,haha. The meatball has a bouncy texture and the sausage is soft and juicy, perfect. But there are 2 disappointment, first is that the broth is just so-so,just a regular taste of bakso soup. And for the second is that the price is not very good in value, Rp. 15.000 and it's just a bit expensive for just 3 small meatballs.

Peach and Cashew Nut Waffle
Next is for dessert. We order Peach and Cashew Nut waffle. Well, i can say that this is not worth the value. The waffle is serve with lil' bit of cashew nut, sugar syrup(rather light,almost not sweet at all), and a lil' cheese cream. For Rp. 20.000 you got long waiting for the dish to arrive (the Japanese in the next table even a little emotional when ordering because it's taking to long for just a juice,hoho), a hard waffle (a lil' bit to hard and dry), and just a wee bit of cashew nut (i was hoping more as it's the name of the menu). Well, at least the vanilla ice cream and the peach is not bad,so it's still enjoyable to eat(just the ice cream and the peach,haha). But we finish this clean and clear after all(we're just hungry LOL).

Jl. Setia Budi No 316
*a little to the North of Rumah Sosis
Bandung, Indonesia

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