Monday, April 5, 2010

A Visit to Risol-Risol - Part 1 last,i have my own to start it?well,let's start with my visit to Risol-Risol at Jl. Setia Budi, Bandung..why we (me and girlfriend) choose this place?it's just simply because we're attracted with this kinda huge place for makan-makan with family along my way to the swimming pool at Eldorado(a little bit up to the North)..

Lumpie Ayam Jamur (Chicken Mushroom Lumpia)
Actually this is my first time here and i don't even have heard any review about this we start with lumpia ayam jamur..the skin is crispy golden brown with no bitterness of over frying,i like it..serve with special sauce(not in the photo), which is a sweet chili sauce accompanied by lettuce, cucumber, and carrot..

inside the lumpia
I was hoping that i would get lots of chicken n mushroom in my lumpia..but i can barely see the mushroom,and even with the chicken..mostly is just bamboo shoots(i don't know if it's really bamboo shoots or not..well,it should be)..the taste?so-so lahh..get better when eaten with the sauce. The Price those trio is Rp. 12.000.

Chicken Cordon Bleu Risol
after slicing
The next dish coming is Chicken Cordon Bleu Risol or rather Rissole a la Cordon Bleu. Many country has their own kind of rissole. This is an indonesian rissole(just for the skin) combined with a la cordon bleu filling for Rp. 16.000. For the taste? oh,this is definitely the winner among those foods we tried that day. See the filling above? it contains chicken(which is very soft,almost no resistance when bitten),smoked beef,cheese,and mayo. Served with french fries(which is also good), salad(with those pinky dressing), and two kind of dipping(chili sauce and mustard).

This is where they made their risol
One of the interesting things in this place is that we can see how they made their rissoles from the outside, as if it's a display item on their shop,hoho. They offer many kind of rissole and lumpia.

Jl. Setia Budi No 312
*a little to the North after Rumah Sosis
Bandung, Indonesia

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