Friday, April 9, 2010

Yamien at Mie Bejo

Actually..this are photos that i forget to post. well, i'll just post it anyway. :D
There's this place that many people said good for it's yamien. Me and sweetheart decided to go there, it's Mie Bejo. If it's not because sweetheart has already been there, i won't find the place, because it hidden. Yeah, no where to be seen from the street, and even without any sign board.

Yamien Ayam (Chicken Yamien)
This is the yamien. The noodle used is a yellow noodle, topped with shredded chicken, fried shallot, and spring onion. The taste is good, it's basically sweet and the shredded chicken is giving some flavor to it too. No wonder even this place is hidden, there are still so many people coming for lunch.

after stirring
This is the pic after stirring. The noodle is al dente if it's a pasta,hoho. This is my bowl, i didn't take hers because it's just the same.

a bowl of chicken feets, meatballs, and "sawi"
The noodle didn't came alone. it's been accompanied by his buddies, which is chicken feet, meatballs, and some "sawi"(forget the English). This is sweetheart's bowl, actually i don't like chicken feet, so i just took the pic and eat my own bowl,hoho.

a bowl of meatballs, dumplings, and "sawi"
This is mine. The only different is that i chose dumpling rather than feet. First, the broth, it's just so-so, i think it's on the MSG side though. The "sawi" fresh n crunchy, the meatballs is quite bouncy which is good. :D the only disappointment is just the dumplings. It taste rather floury. But overall, the bowl is OK. I like the noodle more though. The set(noodle+buddies) are priced Rp. 11.000, and i think it's still worth the enjoyment.

If you wanna go to this place, just search for Primarasa Bakery n go for the basement, you'll find it.

Jl. Pasir Kaliki
*basement of Primarasa Bakery
Bandung, Indonesia

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