Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Beef Eater Burger

Until recently, i always search for better burger than the fast food one. As you may now,it's just a few burger seller in Bandung,one of them is Beef Eater located in front of UNPAR campus in the North.

Vegetarian Burger
Instead of their name,Beef Eater, they also offer you for a vegatarian burger. The patty is made from soy bean. After a bite..hey,the taste is good. It doesn't taste like soy bean at all. Well,it's not like a real meat either,but still,it's good. The bun is also good. I think it has been grilled first in the inside,so it won't become soggy from the lettuce, patty juice,or the sauce. There's black sesame seed on top of the bun (CMIIW).

Sticky Burger
oh,i want more.. :p
Quite impressed with the pirst burger,let's move to the second. This is Sticky Burger. Is it sticky? According to the lady who made it,the sticky is came from the use of mozzarella cheese inside the patty. After a bite,a second bites, where's the sticky?ah,finally found it in the third bites. There's not much of mozzarella to make the patty become sticky,and as you know,mozzarella don't even give any strong taste,so it's almost not recognized. But tastewise,the pattty is well seasoned,and of course it taste better than the first burger,it's real meat after all. LOL
See the bun at the background? There's a little bit grilled mark, and it sunk deep enough to hold the patty still. O ya,the lettuce is fresh,which is good and i like it. :D Sorry i forgot the price,i'll be back for the update later.

I think this is a good place to go for a burger. Watch for the sign, because it's rather difficult to find.

Jl. Cimbuleuit
*in front of UNPAR campus
Bandung, Indonesia


  1. Wow.. It looks delicious.. I think burger with the beef is more delicious than the vegetarian burger. Hmmm, I can't wait to taste it again. But, next time I wanna taste the biggest portion one. :)

  2. monster eater...hmmm yummy and very full!
    i think they're newly opened in dago plaza?


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