Saturday, December 1, 2012

Dinner by Wife

Wowww...what along time hiatus..something just doesn't feel right when I don't take pictures of foods then later upload them to my blog..oho..lot's of photos are waiting to be uploaded and shared to you guys.. :D but most important thing in my quite long hiatus is that I upgrade myself..yes..upgrade my status to MARRIED..yeahh.. xD

As the reason of the making of this blog is that I wanna share my "Ritual" with my girlfriend(which is my wife nnow :p), now you'll see her more often I guess..featuring both eating out and cooking time at house.. :D

So..let's skip all the chit chit..this is a dinner in one night not that far from my wedding date..when I arrive at home after work, and tadaa..She cooks some foods for us to eat together..


This one She cooks me spaghetti bolognese..woww..nice..I like this..She use some mushrooms in it.


No meals are complete without dessert..and here we go..brown sugar pancake served with honey..

This is already night and I feel sooo sleepy..SO, good by, have a nice dream.

Do you know?I wrote the above post with literally half opened eye because I feel veryy sleepyy..and trust me, I don't even remember when I write that last row..haha..

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