Friday, August 10, 2012

Cheese Cake Factory

A while ago..We were looking around Tebet to found a nice hangout place to first We wanted to go to Cafe Du Chocolat, but unfortunately it was closed that We go to Cheese Cake Factory instead..

cheese cake factory

Chesee Cake Factory..anyone know this cafe?Well..if you love cakes n live in Jakarta, you should already know this place..established around 2004, n said to be the trendsetter in pastries and desserts..hmmm..

red peach love

We were kinda starving that night, so we end up ordering main courses while the initial plan was just to hangout munching some cakes,hehe..while waiting for the foods, we ordered 2 of them was this Red Peach Love (Rp 35k)..hmmm..quite refreshing I'd say.. :)

camomile tea

And the other one, Camomile Tea (Rp 15k)..nice..quite fragrant..

fish encroute

My main was this..Fish En Croute (Rp 65k)..what is En Croute?it's basically a food that has been wrapped with pastry dough and then baked..
well..presentation wise it's a lil' different from the picture..taste wise?hmm..not that impressive..the fish is way to soft, and it didn't blend quite well when eaten with the sauce..hmmm..the vegetables are nice enough though..

linguini stroganof

Coffeequeendom ordered this, Linguini Stroganof (Rp 50k)..this one is better than mine..beef pasta with sour cream n parmesan, accompanied with garlic bread n a little of pesto the combination of beef, sour cream, n cheese.. :D

choco melt and ice cream

It feels something missing if We go to a cake shop without ordering a We ordered a dessert, Choco Melt and Ice Cream (Rp 45k)..woww..a dessert can always save the day I'd say..nice melted cake..while the ice cream is just ok..(hidup Bakerzin for the ice cream,u yeah.. :D)..

melted choco

See the oozing melted chocolate?o yeah..

Conclusion..this is quite a nice place to dine in with your partner, even at this Tebet chain the place is not spacy n you'll feel the crowd of people queueing to order some cakes to be taken home..but, still a nice place..just don't forget to order their sweets.. ;)

Cheese Cake Factory
Jl. Tebet Barat Dalam Raya No. 23
Jakarta, Indonesia

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