Sunday, June 24, 2012

Bought something at Pantry Magic

Just bought this today from Pantry Magic..what's that?there's a little spoiler for you at the pic,he..

delonghi ec155
Yeaahh..Delonghi EC155..from the product demo, I think this one is quite awesome for a home espresso machine..cannot wait to use this and have a little experiment..time to made a real coffee.. :D

pantry magic
Pantry Magic for me is actually quite magical..feeling just like a kid entering a store full of toys he wanted for so long..I can be here for a whole day just for sight seeing,haha.. :p An awesome place selling any kind of kitchenware and stuffs..definitely will be my regular place to go shopping some kitchen stuffs.. :D

Pantry Magic
Jl. Kemang Raya 14B
Jakarta, Indonesia


  1. wow.. It's already in your blog... Great..;)

    1. ehehe..yups2.. ;) let's try to make some latte art shall we.. :D


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